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When "remembers" you, it saves you a step: you won't have to type your email each time you visit. Some websites will also remember your password, but to protect your privacy will only remember your email .

How does "Remember Me" work?
NET10 .com uses a "cookie" to remember your email. Cookies are very small files that are placed on your computer by most sites you visit. They can keep track of things you are interested in and what sites you have visited. They help web retailers remember what you may have placed in your shopping cart the last time you were there. Cookies can be erased, either manually or through software. Erasing your cookies would prevent your email from being saved from that point forward.

Should I use "Remember Me"?
Cookies from NET10 contain no personally identifiable information. When "remembers" you, it is really remembering that your computer is associated with a particular email. Remembering User IDs and passwords for a number of different websites can be a challenge. Many people rely on "Remember Me" or 3rd party software to manage their log-in information. For others, it is not a problem. They just remember all the User IDs and passwords they use. You should make the choice that suits you best, confident that your personal information is safe and secure on

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If you use a public computer like at a library or hotel never check the "Remember Me" option on any website that you visit.

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Unfortunately we can only store one email per computer. If "Remember Me" is selected with a new email, the previously saved email will be replaced.

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Simply select the check box when logging in if you want your email remembered. Next time you visit, your email will appear in the appropriate field.

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The check box is always selected if you have requested that your email be remembered. To prevent your email from being saved in the future, un-click the box when you log in. Next time you visit, your email will not be displayed. Note: You can delete your cookies to prevent your email from being remembered in the future. Please see "How does "Remember Me" work?"